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11/14/04 ~ Did you know that our CD "Mystic Bowls" was used as background music in a movie? Not to mention a scene was shot on location in Knight People Books & Gifts! Visit the official "Taffy Was Born" movie website for release date, show times and news as it Premiers in the New York Film Fest as well as Cannes! Click HERE.

12/10/2002 ~ SHAMAN BOWLS CD released!

8/24/2002 ~ NEW message Forum added!
7/14/02 ~ New site addition: Temple Sounds' Photo Album! Click Here.

5/25/01 ~ Tibetan Nuns Project Benefit Concert Update: We of Temple Sounds wish to thank all those who attended the sold-out benefit performance last week at The Indigo Crow, in Guilford CT.
  A total of $1000.00 was raised and will reach the Tibetan Nun refugees in India. We are told this amount will send 2 nuns to school for 1 year.
  A little about the Tibetan Nuns Project: Every year, in an attempt to escape the horrible conditions imposed by the Chinese goverment, Tibetan Nuns ranging in age from 14 to 84, make the dangerouse & harsh journey on foot across the Himalayas into exile. The Tibetan community in exile faces the daunting task of providing for the immediate needs of these Nuns while preserving their unique cultural & religious heritage.
  The Tibetan Nuns Project was begun in 1987 specifically to assist these women in finding food, shelter & medical care, literally to help them survive. They are also provided with additional oportunities such as education, which was previously denied because of their sex. Tibetan Nuns Project supports these culturally significant women in developing a sence of self-worth & self-sufficiency, perhaps the most important education they can recieve. For more information about The Tibetan Nuns Project, write to:
TNP, 2288 Fulton Street, #312, Berkeley, CA. 94704 or tnpusa@igc.org

2000 ~ Not just for the West...  We were so pleased with the wonderful responce of our CD in the East, as is Spring 2000 we finalized an agreement with the Pilgrims Book Store chain in Indian & Nepal, for a shipment of 1000 "Mystic Bowls" CDs! It seems our CD so captured the essence of singing bowl playing, that Pilgrims will be making singing bowl "kits", a package which includes a small bowl, a brief book written about the history of the bowls & OUR CD!
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"Shaman Bowls" CD - Click for PRINTABLE order form!
It's here!
"Shaman Bowls" by Temple Sounds
The 2nd CD by Temple Sounds was released 12/10/2002!
Called the Contemporary Masters of Singing Bowls, Temple Sounds returns with this further offering of Ancient Singing bowl music to enhance and enchant your world.

Accompanied by harmonic overtone singing, light tabla and chimes, the sounds awaiting within will help propel you to other worlds of relaxation and inner beauty as you meditate, practice Reiki, Tai-chi, create works of art, or simply attune to the moment.
We are often imitated, but never duplicated--until now!

Yes, it is true. Our Temple Sounds' CD "MYSTIC BOWLS" has been bootlegged! Indeed, you can imagine our surprise a few months back when we walked into 'Dharma Jewel' in Old Saybrook, CT and saw these cheap imitations for sale on the shelf. When confronting the owner, he informed us he had got the stolen copies up in Boudhhath, Nepal, and imported them to sell in his shop. We were told by the owner before witnesses, quote: "That's just the way they do things over there." No offers were made to remove the illegal merchandise, or apologies. In fact, we had to trade one of our originals to him to get a sample of one of the bootlegged copies! We were told "Next time we'll order from you." Which again, means these fakes would still be on display for sale. Indeed, we have had a few people some into our shop who had been sold the bootlegged copies since our talk with the owner.

Emile de Leon, Temple Sounds musician and photographer has reason to be proud of the work in the creation of 'Mystic Bowls' and to see these fuzzed out, blue things come off of some printer/copy machine is painful. The fact that the sound quality of the rip-offs is just as poor is truly upsetting. The saddest thing in all this is our name and images are printed through-out and it looks like we are the responsible parties for putting out this sub-standard trash.

And if they do come from Nepal, and are showing up in Connecticut, USA, you can believe they are for sale everywhere else at this point, too...

Now, let it be known that we do have legal distribution of our Temple Sounds CD 'Mystic Bowls' throughout India and Nepal through the Pilgrims Book Store chain, the largest New Age book store in both of those countries. The CDs available through Pilgrims have been printed by us in the USA and shipped there. They ordered 1000 copies from us, and feature the CD in their own singing bowl kit available both retail and wholesale.

On the 'bright side' it could be said that our album was simply perfect, in that nothing-- except the quality--was changed by the bootleggers. We were also told by an employ of Music Design, one of our major, wholesale distribution companies, that this is the first time in their history that this has happened to one of their artists.

Yes, we are THAT good.

Now, if only we could get over this 'kicked in the guts feeling'...
Close-up of original and bootlegged CD
Close-up of the two 'Mystic Bowls' disks.
Our Original is on the left. - The bootlegged copy on the right.
Kit featuring legal, official copies or OUR CD is available through http://www.pilgrimshandicrafts.com in Kathmandu & Varanasi.
Click the above for larger image.
UPDATE: 1/01/2005 Bootlegger of our "Mystic Bowls" CD identified, located and contacted! Resulting detail to follow...
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