About Emile de Leon...
Emile, in addition to being a musician and photographer, is also a professional Astrologer and Tarot Reader, coming from three generations of metaphysicians, steeped in the Theosophical/Gurdjieff traditions.

As of the present, he co-owns and operates the metaphysical book and gift shop Knight People, with his wife Melissa. The shop specializes in the unusual and extraordinary, with underlying goals dedicated to spiritual development.
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Emile de Leon is a professional musician, astrologer, as well as a photographer and metaphysical bookstore owner. Raised in Connecticut, Colorado and NYC, he was born into a professional musical family historically involved in Broadway productions as well as esoteric philosophies. He continues to further these arts, creating beneficial music both live and recorded for the world to enjoy.

Emile de Leon has played music professionally as a percussionist for over 25 years, starting at age fifteen in New York City and continuing to the present playing alternative, meditative music. He has also taught music privately and in the Public School system as well as Wesleyan University, in Middletown, CT.

Enjoying the practice of meditation for over twenty-five years, the Tibetan bowls have brought the lessons of music as well as the lessons of spiritual development together to form for Emile a holistic way of being that is both evolutionary and timeless. Emile de Leon performs live with the singing bowls at various Tibetan festivals, meditation and yoga centers, has made guest appearances on television and radio shows as a speaker to discuss the Tibetan bowls and headlined a benefit concert for the Tibetan Nuns Project. Emile also conducts workshops in wellness centers across the East Coast regarding the spiritual and healing aspects of Tibetan singing bowls.

Emile de Leon is the author of The Mastery Book of Himalayan Singing Bowls A Musical, Spiritual and Healing Perspective and has released five CDs under the Temple Sounds label as well as has been a guest performer on various other albums throughout his career.

Emile de Leon is available for public and private concert performances and group meditations, commercial studio recordings and music licensing for television and film as well as personal productions requiring the Tibetan singing bowls.

Emile de Leon is a member of SESAC.
Astrology & Tarot Reading Personal Consultations available daily, by appointment with Emile de Leon:

Tarot Reading - $25.00/15 minutes.

Astrlogy $50.00½ hour; $100.00 hr.
Phone Readings available as well!
Singing Bowl Chakra Alignments
with Emile
$125.00 for a 60 minute session.
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