Images of aura and chakra centers BEFORE and AFTER an alignment session using Tibetan Singing Bowls.
The Tibetan Singing Bowls are being used today for healing both the body and the mind as well as bring peace to the spirit. The soothing sounds clears the mind of negative thought patterns, heals the heart of past traumas and alters the patterns of the physical body bringing healing and relaxation.
The above before and after client images were taken with a bio-resonance system. Please note in the first Aura Photo that the Client’s Aura needs alignment/healing work with their out of balance and unfocused chakras. (The more circular a chakra the more balanced and focused it is. Brighter colors indicate balanced, high energy, and positive qualities of chakra. Dark or ‘murky’ tones indicates low energy, unbalanced and stressed chakra activity. This goes for the surrounding aura in general as well.) As you can see, after the Tibetan Singing Bowl alignment session, the client’s chakras have been balanced, energized, as well as the surrounding Aura itself much clearer with the Crown or 7th chakra very bright indeed.

The Tibetan Singing bowls are excellent healers, allowing the client to begin the deep healing and restoration process. They act profoundly with pure ancient sound upon the chakras as well as the mind and cellular body to create a more balanced and complete human being as well as a more fulfilled life. Have regular bowl healing sessions to keep your aura strong!
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Used for healing, aligning, strengthening and exploring the energy centers through meditation. This seven stone and candle set includes one each of the following:

1st Chakra - Red candle + Garnet
2nd Chakra - Orange candle + Carnelian
3rd Chakra - Yellow candle + Citrine
4th Chakra - Green candle + Emerald
5th Chakra - Light Blue candle + Amazonite
6th Chakra - Purple candle + Amethyst
7th-Chakra  White candle + Selenite
Sample of Tibetan meditation incense.

Candles are 1/2" x 4", unscented, Burn time: 2-2.5 hours.
Set comes with carrying pouch for stones.
Used for healing, aligning and strengthening the energy centers. This seven stone set includes:

1st Chakra - Garnet
2nd Chakra - Carnelian
3rd Chakra - Citrine
4th Chakra - Emerald
5th Chakra - Amazonite
6th Chakra - Amethyst
7th Chakra - Selenite

Set comes with carrying pouch.
Services: Chakra Alignments
~ Chakra Alignments using Tibetan Singing Bowls ~
with Emile de Leon

$150.00 for a one hour session.

Experience the Tibetan singing bowls in their most powerful form by exact placement of the bowls on and around your body and as well as on the energy vortexes known as the chakras for a complete and transformational aura alignment.

The bowls used by Emile de Leon are from his personal collection and are of ancient origin and purpose. Typically 20 to 30 bowls are used for each session from the smallest and highest fairy bowls on the upper chakras to the deepest low notes of the bass bowls which also known as OM bowls on the lowest and root chakras. It should be known that a collection of this dimension and variety is rarely encountered, and even more rarely used for personal auric alignment sessions.

All that is needed is to wear loose and relaxed clothing and bring a quiet mind while the Tibetan singing bowls do the rest. You will be provided with a  comfortable yoga mat to relax on while the bowls will be placed in the most beneficial way to help clear your aura and totally relax your body.

There is an ancient magic in the way the Tibetan singing bowls work that can not be quickly explained but needs to be experienced to be known. The Tibetan singing bowls transform on all levels whether physically or astrally or spiritually. It does not matter if you are a beginner in meditation or an advanced yogi, the bowls will work their magic for you. Whether you simply want to relax more or on the other hand go into a deep spiritual meditation, there is no more effective way to enhance your being.

Contact us to make an appointment.
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It is our pleasure to locate bowls in the correct chakra notes you need for your personal practice. Just ask us and we will find the notes you require in the style of bowl you request from the less expensive currently made modern bowls going all the way up to the highest quality AAA antiques. There is a small surcharge for this service as it can take considerable time to locate the perfect bowl for you and also to send you high quality sound files and photos to make your decision as smooth and easy as possible.

See the bowl types below to get an idea of the different styles of bowls available for healing.

Tibetan Singing Bowls may be used for Healing and Auric alignment by using specific musical notes as related to the Seven chakra system.
These notes are C/D/E/F/G/A/B and correspond to the first thru seventh chakras.

At the present time healers and practitioners alike are requesting chakra notes as well as chakra sets for their clients needs. And because we have hundreds and hundreds of bowls in stock but not listed on the website we can usually find the perfect bowl for you and within your budget as well!
The Seven Chakras:

~ First Chakra ~ Note C Bowls are used for the 1st or Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine. This chakra is associated with the powerful Kundalini force which is a fire energy of a most potent nature. Life Energy, Physical Activity, Emotional Strength, Will Power and Sexuality. Related Body Areas and Organs of the 1st chakra are Joints, Muscles, Heart, Blood and Nervous System. Color: red. Use C note bowls when power and awareness is needed.

~ Second Chakra ~ Note D Bowls are used for the 2nd or Navel Chakra, located below the navel (near the belly button) and is known for its power in life actions. Corresponds to Creative, Productive and Emotional Expression of Life Energy. Manifestation. Related Body Areas and Organs are Intestines, Spleen, and Digestive Track. Also known as the Warrior's Chakra. Color: orange. Use D note bowls to eliminate all fear in relation to action.

~ Third Chakra ~ Note E Bowls are used for the 3rd or Solar Plexus Chakra, located near the diaphragm and is the psychic chakra. Corresponds to Personal Power, Creative and Intellectual Thoughts. Related Body Areas and Organs are Stomach, Solar Plexus, and Liver. Color: yellow. Use E note bowls for all psychic and intuitive work and the purification of negative emotions.

~ Fourth Chakra ~ Note F Bowls are used for the 4th or Heart Chakra, located near the heart and is the love energy chakra. Corresponds to Communication, Speech, and Social Abilities. Related Body Areas and Organs are Heart, Lungs, Chest, Circulation, Arms and Hands. Color: green. Use F note bowls to heal the heart and to increase the love nature.

~ Fifth Chakra ~ Note G Bowls are used for the 5th or Throat Chakra, located on the throat, and is the chakra associated with Communication, Speech, Social Abilities Verbal and Emotional Expression and the Creative Arts associated with such. Expressions from the 'heart'. Related Body Areas and Organs are Lungs, Throat, Bronchial and Voice. Color: blue. Use G note bowls for all creative activities and expression.

~ Sixth Chakra ~ Note A Bowls are used for the 6th or Third Eye Chakra and is the all seeing chakra, located between and slightly above the eyes. Corresponds to Intuition, Vision, Artistic and Creative Thoughts. The related Body Areas and Organs are the Eyes, Nervous System, Brain and Forehead. Color: purple. Use A note bowls to develop seeing and higher wisdom.

~ Seventh Chakra ~ Note B Bowls are used for the 7th or Crown Chakra located on top of the head which is the highest spiritual chakra. Corresponds to Intuition, Spirituality, and Enlightenment. Related Body Areas and Organs are Brain, Nervous System and Top of Head. Color: white. Use B note bowls to develop the extraordinary spiritual perceptions.
Aura BEFORE alignment
Aura AFTER alignment
Tiny Bowls (Under 5”)

Good for the upper chakras and auric cleansing.
Highest spiritual essence. These are usually comprising the Manipuri and Thadobati types.
Tiny Bowls
Medium Bowls (7” to 8”)

Have a bigger sound than the smaller bowls, but are still portable. Perfect healing size.

Types represented in photo are (going top to bottom and left to right):
Jambati, Manipuri, Thin shelled Thadobati, Mani, Thick shelled Thadobati, Lingam, and Bodhi forms are represented here. Good for all chakras.
Medium Bowls
Large Bowls (9” to 12”)

Have an even bigger tone than the smaller bowls.
Good for the lower Chakras. Jambati style only.
Giant Bowl - Jambati style
Giant Bowls (13” and up.)

Are good for the lower Chakras and produce the biggest sound in the Singing Bowl World. Jambati style only.
Thadobati Bowls

Have a higher sided construction and either a thinner or thicker shell with the thinner shell being lower in tone and the thicker shell being higher in tone.
Tiny, small and medium sizes only.

Large Bowls - Jambati style
Thadobati Bowls
Manipuri Bowls

Have a lower sided construction and a higher or lower tone depending on the thickness of the shell.
Tiny, small and medium sizes only.
Manipuri Bowls
Jambati Bowls

Have a high side usually associated with the larger bowls. With either a straight, or curving inwards or outwards edge.  Larger sizes only.
Small Bowls - various styles
Small Bowls (5” to 6”)

Are good for all round usage. Both portable and beautiful in sound quality.Different types comprise the Manipuri, Thadobati, and Mani forms.

Lingam Bowls

Usually in the Thadobati or Manipuri styles. Identified by the interior raised “Lingam”. Comes in all sizes.
Manipuri Bowls - Lingham and fancy
Jambati Bowls
Mani Bowls

Have a very thick shelled heavy construction and the highest tones of any Singing Bowls. Small and medium sizes only.
Lingham Bowls
Bodhi Bowls

In Thadobati and Jambati styles, comes in all sizes and are characterized by an out turned edge.
Mani Bowls
Pedestal Bowls

Have a built in metal base for standing or holding in the inverted position. Small and medium sizes only.
Bodhi Bowls
Pedestal Bowls
Products: Stone Chakra Sets
Learn more about singing bowls in Emile's book!
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