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CD: "MYSTIC BOWLS" by Temple Sounds

The beautiful and mysterious sounds of the Tibetan singing bowls are captured on this powerful offering to enable the listener to go on a journey of harmony, meditation and healing.

Experience the ancient sounds of the Himalayan Mountains as brought to you by Temple Sounds, a duet dedicated to promoting spiritual harmony with music throughout the east and west.

Total Playing Time: 71:06

Price: $16.95
1. Awaken 14:37
2. Third Eye 11:33
3. Calling Spirits 5:57
4. Goddess 4:49
5. Reincarnation 11:07
6. One 9:38
7. Improvisation 13:21
Total time: 71:06
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SHAMAN BOWLS CD  by Temple Sounds
CD: "SHAMAN BOWLS" by Temple Sounds

Called the Contemporary Masters of Singing Bowls, Temple Sounds returns with this further offering of Ancient Singing bowl music to enhance and enchant your world.

Accompanied by harmonic overtone singing, light tabla and chimes, the sounds awaiting within will help propel you to other worlds of relaxation and inner beauty as you meditate, practice Reiki, Tai-chi, create works of art, or simply attune to the moment.

Total Playing Time: 62:27

Price: $16.95
1. Incarnation 10:47
2. Neptune's Light 5:58
3. Faerie 3:31
4. Tibetan Winds 7:10
5. Ascension 11:28
6. Sanctuary 7:06
7. Astral Waves 4:15
8. Summer Rain 4:10
9. Shaman's Dream 7:59
Total time: 62:27
Reviews of MYSTIC BOWLS:

"My peace loving customers love it."
~ Rama Nand Tiwari, Proprietor Pilgrims Book House, Kathmandu, Nepal.

"A recording unique within the passive manner, it receives the human spirit,
a turning point in the history of music."
~ Gregory Van Etten, Owner of Merlins Castle, Salem, Mass.

"Mystic Bowls is my island of tranquility....The compositions sink into your soul....I use it in my second grade classroom to calm the children."
~ Eleanor Borkowski, School Teacher, Middletown, CT.

"As a yoga instructor I feel it's important to create an atmosphere that is relaxing, safe, and meditative, and music plays a key role. Temple Sounds has assisted the student in exploring deeper levels of their yoga practice in both asanas (postures) and meditation."
~ Laurie Sabourin, Owner/Director of Facilitated Healing, Center for Yoga and Wellness, Cromwell, CT.

"Our customers love your Mystic Bowls recording! We sell more of these than any other similar CD. It's a perfect associated sale for our many customers who buy bowls themselves. And for many Reiki practitioners, meditators and yoga instructors who are looking for just this mystical sound abiance. Thank you!"
~ Unicorn Books and Spiritual Resource Center Inc. Arlington, MA.

"Subtle yet deeply insightful, it allows the chakra energy to clear, cleanse and renew. Subtle yet powerful journey of the soul."
~ Susane Grasso McCausland, Director of Complementary Medicine, Connecticut Hospice Inc., Branford CT.

"I thought this CD was so relaxing, that I felt that I was in my own Temple in Nepal amongst monks that were also enjoying the mystic journey that this great CD offers. My great thanks to the wonderful artists that put this beautiful "Bowl" music together, along with great art layout of the CD that rounds out the full experience of this temple music!
I highly recommend it for those nights to unwind and escape!"
~ Richard L. Dickerson, Johnston, RI.

"Excellent meditation music, Mystic Bowls is also a gorgeous listen. Ranging from gentle tinkling to high-tempo patters and hypnotic drones, these seven tracks were made entirely with metal bowls. The practice is a time-honored Eastern ritual; you'll get a feel for the ancient nature of the art as you listen."
~ Mike McGuirk
NAPRA ReView Jan/Feb 2001

MYSTIC BOWLS by Emile de Leon (Temple Sounds).  This powerhouse duo's presentation of Tibetan singing bowls is no less than impressive. From the first track, "Awaken," I was seized by the players' sense of timing and knowledge of their instruments/ power.

Five years of work and many miles of travel went into this album, and the bowls they play were hand-selected from among more than 5,000.
From the deepest bass to the chimes of smaller bowls, the sounds draw listeners into a world without time, a dimension without form or limitations, a realm where all thought is possible but no thought is necessary.

This is truly amongst the best Tibetan bowl-toning I've heard. In its initial call to the spirits and communion with the divine force, the third track, "Calling Spirits," exhibits the artists' true knowledge of harmonic celebration.

Wow! - TJE

Since 2-25-2004
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"Shaman Bowls," produced by Temple Sounds, takes the listener on a miraculous journey through time and deep into the Self. The artistic craftsmanship of this album reaches far beyond the common use of eclectic instruments and extended vocal techniques. "Shaman Bowls" weaves sound and space into a music that illuminates our spirit of oneness and releases us into the wonderment of timelessness as it flows through our physical being. The musical and spiritual achievements of this album are direct results of divine inspiration and years of devoted learning and performance/compositional mastery by these three extremely talented individuals---Emile de Leon, JT and Jim Cole.

Peter Standaart
Instructor of Flute Performance
Wesleyan University
The track samples above are all MP3s of 30 - 55 second lengths.
NEWSFLASH! Bootlegged copies of MYSTIC BOWLS appearing in Connecticut Tibetan import's shop!
These illegal, substandard copies are being shipped in from Nepal.
So kudos to us, for being the first known New Age album to be bootlegged and shipped worldwide! ;)
CD: "GODDESS BOWLS" by Temple Sounds

More than 40 Antique Tibetan Singing bowls were used in the creation of this CD.

Goddess Bowls features a unique 14" "Tantric bowl" and an antique Tibetan gong plus special sets of Lingham, Manipuri, Jambati and Mani bowls.

Come and listen to the world’s foremost  practitioner of the singing bowl arts
in his latest offering for your musical and meditative enjoyment.

1. Isis                         9:52
2. Space Goddess  2:57
3. Star to Earth         8:59
4. Fairy Goddess     4:57
5. Asherah                5:12
6. Kali                       10:11
7. Persephone         5:01
8. Melissa                 9:24

Total Time: 54:73

Price: $16.95
CD: "CELESTIAL BOWLS" by Temple Sounds

Listen, embrace and be transformed by the celestial sounds of the Tibetan Singing Bowls as performed by Temple Sounds.

Over 40 of the highest toned bowls were used in the creation of this album to inspire the listener to a higher consciousness by awakening the upper chakras.

Let this album transport your meditation, healing practice, or any other relaxation modality to a higher place in life.

1. Inner Light          21:01
2. Lingham Way    7:27
3. Awareness        19:23
4. Meditation         13:22
5. Mani Path          5:22
6. Resolution        12:47
        Total time: 79:54

Price: $16.95
CD: "MEDITATION BOWLS" by Temple Sounds

Over 50 Tibetan Singing Bowls of the highest quality have been gathered together on this album creating sublime and relaxing sounds to enhance your sonic enjoyment.

This double album consists of one CD of singing bowls and one CD of singing bowls with guided meditations.
Goddess Bowls by Temple Sounds
Celestial Bowls by Temple Sounds
Meditation Bowls by Temple sounds
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Temple Sounds / Knight People
228 William St. Middletown, CT 06457
Phone: 860-347-3220
The Movie:

As many of you may recall, our shop, Knight People Books & Gifts appeared in the award winning independent film "TAFFY WAS BORN"--as well as music from our CD "MYSTIC BOWLS".

Well, the producers now have an 8 minute trailer available at YouTube:

Our shop and music comes in about the 4 minute mark.
Feel free to leave comments if you wish!

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In the hands of Emile de Leon, the mystical, otherworldly sounds of Tibetan singing bowls provide an atmosphere charged with healing energy and deep meditative potential. GODDESS BOWLS stands apart from the pack in the sheer range of bowls that de Leon has at his disposal--featured are special sets of Lingham, Mani, Jambati and Manipuri bowls, along with a unique and large-sized "Tantric Bowl" and the Tibetan gong. The result of such diverse source instrumentation is an incredibly rich soundscape of resonant tones that both provides a space that promotes mindfulness and helps one to develop a connection with the divine.

~ Music Design In Review
Emile de Leon is a master of playing the singing bowls. Or more specifically, of creating sounds and tones with the bowls that lifts you to another state of consciousness. On CELESTIAL BOWLS, de Leon utilizes 40 bowls whose pitches are in the higher ranges to create an atmosphere of mystery and spiritual bliss. The album is divided into six cuts which feature the bowls performed solo, both by striking motions and rubbing to create ambience. The acoustics are wonderful on the album, each strike sounding as if it is slipping away into eternity. The album provides a great accompaniment for meditation practice or chakra work.

~ Music Design In Review
Emile de Leon has a strong love for the Tibetan bowls, and with his many recordings he has sought to share the beauty and mystery of these harmonic devices with others. This album takes that goal a step further, not only providing an hour of contemplation-inducing bowl playing, but also offering guided meditations to help listeners explore bowls deeper. Disc one is the instrumental recording, which features de Leon playing the bowls with light striking motions and some rubbing. The Second disc is similar to the first, with the addition of De Leon narrating six meditations, including "Aura Meditation", "Chakra Meditation" and others. The bowls being played are of high quality, with great clarity and acoustics.

~ Music Design In Review
The Artist...

Emile de Leon is a professional musician, astrologer, photographer and owner of "Knight People" a metaphysical book store in Middletown, Connecticut.
The Instruments....

The Tibetan Singing Bowls, some, hundreds of years old, are instruments from another culture and era now being revived as tools for personal and group growth as well as healing on an individual as well as global scale.

These instruments produce sounds which are relaxing, meditative and cosmic. In a meditative sense, they can be gateways to other realms. In a healing sense, they can be used to unblock inharmonious vibrations in the Aura, and re-harmonize the body.
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CD#1 w/bowls

1. Meditation #1  10:07
2. Meditation #2  9:44
3. Meditation #3  9:40
4. Meditation #4  9:45
5. Meditation #5  9:48      
6. Meditation #6  9:58

Total time:  57:42

Price: $19.95
CD#2 w/spoken meditation

1. Mind/Body Meditation      9:45
2. Full Body Meditation        10:07
3. Healing Heart Meditation  9:37
4. Aura Meditation               9:48
5. Chakra Meditation           9:45
6. Past Life Meditation        9:56

Total time: 57:38
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