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All of our bowls come with
Wooden Mallets.

C = Physical construction. Positives and negatives.
S = Spinning qualities.
H = Hit/strike. Length of dominant tone when hit once.
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SMALL BOWL #S233 (4.75”x 2.5”) 290 gm

Note F Fundamental 4th Chakra/Heart/Anahata 342 hz
Note Bb Harmonic 7th Chakra/Crown/Sahasrara 951 hz

Excellent sounding bowl with 4th/ &7th Spiritual chakra energy. Ancient hand hammering with an old world patina. Warm spin tone w/nice harmonic on this antique bowl!

Price $335.00

C-9 interior marks
H- 10-

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SMALL BOWL #S227 (6” x 1.75”) 375 gm

Note D#4 Fundamental 2nd Chakra/Sacral/Svadhisthana
Note A5 Harmonic 6th  Chakra/3rd Eye/Ajna

Strong and warm tone Manipuri bowl with 2nd & 6th chakra energy. Ancient line designs on exterior smooth sides on this long tone bowl.

Price $465.00


SMALL BOWL #S201 (4.5” x 2”) 325 gm

Note C# Fundamental 1st Chakra/Root/Muladhara
Note G Harmonic 5th Chakra/Throat/Vishuddha

This is a great projecting and very portable Antique bowl
containing 1st/5th chakra energy with artisan hammer marks
and well worn circle designs and patina. This one is old as the
hills and has that wonderful high tone perfect for meditation
and healing.
Price $295

C-9- oxidation
SMALL BOWL #S228 (5.25” x 2.75”) 400 gm

Note E4 Fundamental 3rd Chakra/Solar Plexus/Manipura
Note Bb5 Harmonic 7th Chakra/Crown/Sahasrara

Strong projecting 432hz scale tone on this antique Thadobati bowl with 3rd & 7th chakra energy. Ancient dot designs on the exterior edge w/smooth sides and artisan hammer marks apparent this long tone bowl.

Price $395.00

C-9 oxidation inside.

SMALL BOWL #S195 (5”x 2.5”) 355 gm.

Note G Fundamental 5th Chakra/Throat-Vishuddha

Note C harmonic 1st Chakra/Root-Muladhara

Excellent older Thadobati bowl with interior/exterior circle designs. Nicely projecting bowl with 5th & 1st chakra energy and good harmonics.
Price $345.00

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Or watch at YouTube HERE
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Or watch at YouTube HERE
SMALL BOWL #S217 (5.25” x 1.5”) 305 gm

Note G4 Fundamental 5th Chakra/Throat/Vishuddha
Note C#6 Harmonic 1st Chakra/Root/Muladhara

Extremely rare Manipuri Shiva Lingam bowl with 5th/1st chakra energy with the classic Lingam circle, dot, and vertical line designs both inside and out. Ancient and well worn Lingam appears in the interior and is a beautiful example of this type of bowl. Wonderful sounding bowl with a strong projecting sound and beautiful wood/leather mallet spin w/clear harmonic.

Price $1195.00


Or watch at YouTube HERE