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Since 5-11-2007
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SMALL BOWL #S277 (4.5” x 2”) 230 gm

Note D4 Fundamental 2nd Chakra/Sacral/Svadhisthana ~ 293 hz
Note G5 Harmonic 5th Chakra/Throat/Vishuddha ~ 763 hz

Excellent 2nd/5th Chakra antique bowl in Perfect Pitch w/dark patina and very rare effortlessly nice sounding soft harmonic that plays well with the soft mallet too.

Regular Price $355.00. Sale Price $295.00

C-9- oxidation
MEDIUM BOWL #M300 (7” x 3.5”) 600 gm

Note E3 Fundamental 3rd Chakra/Solar Plexus/Manipura ~ 164 hz
Note A#4 Harmonic ~ 6th Chakra/3rd Eye/Ajna ~ 475 hz

Full Sounding Rare Perfect Pitch Antique Bronze Bowl for Astral awakening and Deep perception! This ancient bowl has a powerful Harmonic and 3rd & 6th Chakra healing energy!

Regular price $995.00. Sale Price $795.00!

MEDIUM BOWL #M308 (6.75” x 3.5”) 890 gm

Note Bb3 Fundamental 7th Chakra/Crown/Sahasrara ~ 230 hz
Note D#5 Harmonic 2nd Chakra/Sacral/Svadhisthana ~ 618 hz

Incredible sounding long toned bronze bowl for 7th & 2nd Chakras in the 432 hz scale. Hand made Antique w/long tone and circle and dot designs and a beautiful harmonic!

Regular Price $1795.00 Sale Price $1295.00

C- 10-
SMALL BOWL #S271 (4.5” x 2”) 335 gm

Note G4 Fundamental 5th Chakra/Throat/Vishuddha ~ 386 hz
Note C#6 Harmonic 1st Chakra/Root/Muladhara ~ 1084 hz

Strong projecting Thadobati bowl in 432 hz scale. Ancient darker bowl w/dot and circle designs and a clear harmonic sound with 5th & 1st chakra healing energy.

Reg. Price $375.00. Sale price $295.00

C-9 marks
SMALL BOWL #S284 (4.25” x 2”) 300 gm

Note B4 Fundamental 7th Chakra/Crown/Sahasrara ~ 458 hz
Note D#6 Harmonic 2nd Chakra/Sacral/Svadhisthana ~ 1255 hz

Beautifully made artisan 7th/2nd Chakra hand hammered Antique bowl w/circle and line designs.

Regular Price $365.00. Sale Price! $295.00

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MEDIUM BOWL #M306 (6.75” x 3.5”) 825 gm

Note G#3 Fundamental 5th Chakra/Throat/Vishuddha ~ 208 hz
Note D5 Harmonic 2nd Chakra/Sacral/Svadhisthana ~ 587 hz

Beautifully made Ancient Golden Bowl featuring a glorious Harmonic with 5th & 2nd Chakra healing energy. Long tone and ancient circle and line designs adorn this fine antique bowl.
Regular Price $795.00. SALE PRICE $495.00!

C-10- interior marks

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MEDIUM BOWL #M282 (6.5” x 3.75”) 490 gm

Note A3 Fundamental 6th Chakra/3rd Eye/Ajna ~ 217 hz
Note E5 Harmonic 3rd Chakra/Solar Plexus/Manipura ~ 644 hz

Excellent lightweight 6th/3rd Chakra bowl w/ancient artisan signature and hand hammer marks in the 432hz scale.

Regular Price $595.00 Sale Price $495.00

C-9+ interior marks
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MEDIUM BOWL #M291 (7” x 3.5”) 665 gm

Note D#3 Fundamental 2nd Chakra/Sacral/Svadhisthana ~ 156 hz
Note A4 Harmonic 6th Chakra/3rd Eye/Ajna ~ 434 hz

2nd & 6th Chakra antique bowl w/nice harmonics and smooth golden metal. An ancient artisan creation in perfect pitch.

Regular Price $895.00 Sale Price $595.00

C-9+ marks
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MEDIUM BOWL #M292 (7.25” x 3.5”) 645 gm

Note D2 Fundamental 2nd Chakra/Sacral/Svadhisthana ~ 73 hz
Note Ab3 Harmonic 6th Chakra/3rd Eye/Ajna ~ 208 hz

Rarer perfect pitch golden bronze Thadobati bowl for 2nd & 6th chakras. Beautiful condition.

Regular Price $995.00 Sale Price $695.00

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MEDIUM BOWL #M307 (7” x 3.5”) 830 gm

Note F3 Fundamental 4th Chakra/Heart/Anahata ~ 176 hz
Note Bb5 Harmonic 7th Chakra/Crown/Sahasrara ~ 945 hz

Excellent sounding Ancient Heart Chakra bowl in Perfect Pitch. This bronze bowl also has a clear harmonic for the Crown Chakra. Sings 4th & 7th Chakra healing energy with a very long tone!

Regular Price $995.00 Sale Price $795.00

C- 10- ancient circle & dot etchings
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